Contract welding: a complex challenge

Providing efficient welding services is a complex challenge. It requires many years of experience, a good visual grasp and an expert knowledge of material properties to find customized solutions for specific contexts and requirements.

Contract welding covers both production and engineering, and include:

  • Providing models and prototypes
  • Consulting and cooperating with your R&D departments
  • Adapting constructions to the welding process
  • Optimizing process technology to fit the application
  • Monitoring joint properties
  • Completing work instructions for the welding process

Our equipment provides the following options and plenty of flexibility:

  • 6 friction stir welding stations for workpieces up to 3,500 mm length
  • Weld-in depth aluminum approx. 0.5 to 20 mm
  • Welding feeds up to approx. 4 m/min
  • Process control, incl. position, power, feed and rpm
  • Online data storage (for relevant process parameters)
  • Welding and milling in a single clamping set-up
  • In-house production of welding tools and equipment

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