Turnkey friction stir welding solutions

Ready to use: Milling and friction stir welding in one set-up

With its CNC-powered processing centers configured in line with customer requirements, the global Chiron Group offers genuine turnkey solutions for the metal processing industry – designed and manufactured in Germany. Besides milling, drilling, turning, lowering, grinding and threading, existing machines from Chiron can be retrofitted with our technology package so they can also perform friction stir welding.

Thanks to our close partnership with Chiron, turnkey processing centers that can master friction stir welding and milling technology in one set-up are now available to order. By combining the technology from both companies, two complex processes can be massively simplified, as it is no longer necessary to span the workpiece between the machining and welding processes. In other words, it is possible to create a finished workpiece in the vehicle manufacturing or plant engineering sectors with just one machine and, at most, one clamping process. This saves both time and money, and significantly increases production efficiency.

The rapidly growing market for electric vehicles has led to a huge increase in demand for friction stir welding. More and more producers are considering integrating the friction stir welding process into their own in-house production. If you are interested in finding out more about these processing centers with built-in friction stir welding technology, get in touch. We can work with you and the experts from Chiron to provide a turnkey solution to meet your requirements.