Our services

Welding services

As a customer, your focus is on efficient serial production. This is why we offer all process steps in one complete package: engineering, prototyping, welding services and quality assurance. We work closely with your R&D department to ensure the best solution for the weld joints in your product.


Individual welding processes need individual attention. We assist you each step of the way — always bringing our comprehensive expert knowledge to the table. We develop a concept for the application, produce prototypes and support you in optimizing your design.


RSS Schilling offers its technology, including training and knowledge transfer, as an alternative to individual welding services. We deliver and implement turnkey technology packages for CNC workstations. We are also able to train your staff.

Welding tools

Welding tools are an essential factor in successful friction welding processes. We offer both a wide array of high-quality tools and customized welding tools.

Metallurgic laboratory

Specialized equipment in our labs allows us to complete material inspections and quality assurance in a precise and sustainable manner. Our laboratory can also be used for customer materials.

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