Perfect quality for a very competitive price

Friction stir welding offers properties that conventional joining techniques cannot achieve. In addition, the process is far more economical, environmentally friendly, and safer for the operator.

Excellent joint properties

Since FSW works with localized heating below the melting point, the metals do not aggregate to their liquid or (worse) gas phase – a risk in all conventional joining techniques. Plus, low temperatures mitigate the creation of pores or hot cracking. The newly formed joints have an extremely low porosity and high strength.

It is even possible to join materials that are hard to weld or two completely different workpieces, like aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium or steel.

  • Pressure- and vacuum-tight joints
  • Low porosity, no fractures and cracks
  • The welding zone remains malleable and ductile
  • Smooth surface, no warpage

Ideal for further processing

Since there is minimal tension in the welding zone, the joint's surface is smooth and there is no warpage. The weld is formed by closely grained micro-structures — and they fully correspond with the hardness, malleability and ductility of the base material.

The material along the joint line and welding zone remains malleable. The workpieces can thus be further processed without any issue. Even very thin sheets with a thickness of up to approx. 0.5 mm can be joined without a problem.

Economical and sustainable

In contrast to conventional joining processes, FSW offers a far better energy balance and economic efficiency: the low-energy process has a direct and localized impact on the material. This means higher efficacy combined with much lower CO2 emissions. The tools required for FSW are extremely resistant to wear and can be used for long periods, despite their heavy-duty use.

There is no need for inert gas or filler material. There are no additional emissions. 
Working conditions significantly improve as well: FSW's low process temperatures do not produce welding fumes — the weld work itself is not only more pleasant, it is also healthier and safer.